The Strokes play their last show of the year at Planeta Terra Festival

Featured Events Planeta Terra FestivalWhat an amazing way for The Strokes to end their tour for the year – Nikolai wrapped in a Brazilian flag, Fab talking Portuguese to the crowd, yeah seriously their gigs in South America always seem such fun.

I was unable to record this as the stream wasn’t working in the UK but I have found the show on YouTube, see the videos below


01 New York City Cops
02 Heart In a Cage
03 Machu Picchu
04 The Modern Age
05 You Only Live Once
06 Is This It
07 Under Cover Of Darkness
08 Someday
09 You’re So Right
10 12:51
11 Reptilia
12 Alone, Together
13 Automatic Stop
14 Gratisfaction
15 Juicebox
16 Last Nite
17 Under Control
18 Hard To Explain
19 Take It Or Leave It

Live Photos: Fall 2011: Planeta Terra Festival, Brazil


Download the audio of this show


Download Videos .  Thanks to Gabriel for the high quality.


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