The Strokes play Personal Festival, Buenos Aires

Featured Events Personal FestivalThe Strokes played their penultimate show of the year at Personal Festival in Argentina

Unfortunately the live stream for this show was appalling so I couldn’t watch or record it. However, I do have audio courtesy of Florenciaos

The guys brought back a few classics for the setlist including 12:51 and HIAC. I adore the beginning of 12:51 with the crowd going crazy.

Download : The Strokes at Personal Festival (Audio)


01 New York City Cops
02 Heart In a Cage
03 Machu Picchu
04 The Modern Age
05 You Only Live Once
06 Under Cover of Darkness
07 Is This It
08 What Ever Happened?
09 Someday
10 You’re So Right
11 12:51
12 Reptilia
13 Alone, Together
14 Gratisfaction
15 Automatic Stop
16 Juicebox
17 Last Nite
18 Hard To Explain
19 Take It Or Leave It

Live Photos: Fall 2011: Personal Festival, Argentina 


You Only Live Once


What Ever Happened

You’re So Right