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Albert Hammond Jr Official Site
Albert Hammond Jr Cult Records page
Albert Hammond Jr Myspace
Cult Records (Owned by Julian)
Julian Casablancas Official site
Julian Casablancas Myspace
Julian Casablancas Rough Trade page
Little Joy Myspace
Little Joy Rough Trade Page
Nickel Eye Myspace
Nickel Eye Tumblr
The Strokes Facebook page
The Strokes Rough Trade page

Official Twitters

Albert Hammond, Jr
Cult Records
Julian Casablancas
Nikolai Fraiture
Richard Priest (Former Tour Manager)
Rough Trade Records
Ryan Gentles (Manager)
The Strokes
Warren Fu (Collaborator)


Toxic Radio Forum
The Strokes Brazil
The Strokes French Forum
The Strokes News
The Strokes T-shirts

Sites No Longer Updated

Little Joy Brazil
The Strokes Higher

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Fuck Yeah Albert Hammond, Jr Tumblr
Fuck Yeah Fabrizio Moretti Tumblr
Fuck Yeah Julian Casablancas Tumblr
Fuck Yeah Nick Valensi Tumblr
Fuck Yeah Nikolai Fraiture Tumblr
Nick Valensi Live Journal Community
Oh Someday Live Journal Community
Share The Strokes Live Journal Community
Strokes Icons Live Journal Community
She’s Fixing Her Hair Twitter
The Strokes Argentina Twitter
The Strokes Brazil Twitter
The Strokes News Twitter
The Strokes Fan Twitter
The Strokes Quotes Twitter
The Strokes Trivia Twitter
Ze Strokes Tumblr

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