There are also a whole bunch of interviews in the magazine section of the gallery that are worth checking out


NME – May 2001 The Strokes first major interview.

The Face – July 2001 – The Band Who Fell To Earth I heard a rumour that no one actually comes to our shows and that we only exist in magazines

NME – August 2001 – America’s Most WantedHow many groups are there where you know the drummer’s name? Where you even care who in the group? We’re on this equally. That’s why people liked the Beatles and That’s why people like us

Juice Magazine – September 2001All I remember thinking for an hour and a half: ‘Man, that’s Lou Reed’

Q Magazine – September 2001 – The Emperor’s New Clothes? by Bob Gordon

Circuit Magazine – Autumn 2001 – Luck Strokes: Don’t Believe The Hype

Guitar Magazine – October 2001 – All The Young Dudes I like the idea of my shit collapsing” nods Valensi. “I feel like that when I’m playing! In the middle of a lead part I often have the urge to take my hands off the fretboard, or just grab all the strings at the same time for no reason, just ‘cos I think it sounds cool.

Penthouse – November 2001 The interview Julian really liked…..”I’d really rather sit down with you and have a beer.”

Selector – November 2001 – Q&A with the band

NME – December 2001 – A Year Of Living Famously


Q Magazine – January 2002 – I Want A Fight by Paul Elliot

Interview Magazine – March 2002 “The only goal right now that I can have, the only thing I can offer right now, is I need to get good at music, do something with quality” Debbie Harry Interviews Julian

Les Inrockuptibles – March 2002

Q Magazine – April 2002We can imagine why people perceive us as assholes,” they tell Danny Eccleston

Kerrang 2002 – Let There Be Rock Forget the hype, the haircuts and the privileged backgrounds. New York heroes The Strokes have one thing on their mind: the music…

Hot Press – April 2002 – That’s All Strokes by Eamon Sweeney

The Face – August 2002-  Is This It? : The Strokes. Boys want to be them. Girls want to be with them. But for the guys themselves, living the rock dream is a whole lot more complicated.

NME – August 2002 – Underpants, Squirrels And The Meaning Of Life

NME – November 2002 – The Strokes in LA News Special by Steve Sutherland

The Strand – November 2002 –  by Charles Wasserman


Mojo – August 2003 – Action. Time. Vision

NME – September 2003 – The Second Coming by Alex Needham

NME – September 2003 – Trial By Fire by Alex Needham

Q Magazine – November 2003 – Seconds Out… Round Two… by John Harris

Rolling Stone – November 2003 – Elegantly Wasted by Neil Strauss

Guitar Player – December 2003 – Electric Warriors by Michael Molenda

Spin Magazine – December 2003 – Gang of Five by Chuck Klosterman

NME – December 2003 – Setting The Year Alight


Filter Magazine – Febuary 2004 –  Art, Advertising and the myth of the underground by Mikel Jollett

Magnet Magazine – May 2004 – What Goes On : The importance of being the Strokes… Isn’t all that important. Three years into its tenure as the hot new band, the group still finds some things hard to explain.

NME – July 2004People shit on ‘Room on Fire’ because we’re not sucking dick”


NME – June 2005 – The Strokes’ new album: The first listen – The band invite NME into the studio to hear their third record

The Guardian – November 2005 – Rebirth of Cool. Once they were the hippest band on the planet; then it all went a bit quiet for the Strokes. They tell Laura Barton how they got over themselves

The Independent – November 2005 – Different Strokes : The Strokes have become as famous for their celebrity girlfriends and privileged backgrounds as for their music. But now they’re back with a punchier attitude. Craig MacLean meets them in New York

Sand Peebles Fanzine I’m Nick whether I’m in the Strokes or not. I am who I am. It’s important to be grounded in your identity

NME – December 2005 – Track by Track with the band

Rolling Stone (Australian Edition) – December 2005 – Julian talks about FIOE and aliens

CD:UK Interview – December 2005 – Fab and Nick talk about the epic love story of Kermit and Miss Piggy


New York Magazine – January 2006 – Group Therapy Can a sober, settled-down front man and a great new record solve the problems of New York’s most dysfunctional rock band?

Suicide Girls – January 2006 by Daniel Robert Epstein. Interview with Nick.

Blond – January 2006 –  Albert, Nick and Fab talk about Ubersexuals. Random

Chart Magazine – July 2006 – Ask Me Anything by Nick Valensi and Nikolai Fraiture of the Strokes


Shortlist Magazine – March 2011 The Strokes Return: Back On Track

Rock & Folk – April 2011 Nick and Albert discussing the album


The Times – April 2020 – Albert and Julian discuss their comeback