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The Strokes Live In Berlin 0

The Strokes play Berlin (14 February 2020)

The Strokes played at Columbiahalle in Berlin last night (14 February). Setlist Heart in a CageYou Only Live Once New York City CopsThe Adults Are TalkingThe Modern AgeHard to ExplainIze of the WorldAutomatic StopReptiliaKilling LiesOne Way TriggerBad DecisionsLast Nite Encore: JuiceboxWhat Ever Happened?Someday Videos Photos Live : Live 2020 : Live...


The Strokes 2020 Tour Dates

The Strokes are gearing up with their new album by announcing a bunch of shows across the world and the year. 10 February 2020 – Bernie Sanders rally, Whittemore Center Arena, New Hampshire, USA. 14 February 2020 – Columbiahalle, Berlin, Germany. 18 February 2020 – L’Olypmia, Paris, France. 24 February...


The Strokes unveil new song

The Strokes played their first show of 2019 at the Wilton, Hollywood (more on that later) and unveiled their first new song since the Future Present Past EP in 2016. People at the show said it was called The Adults Are Talking based on what Julian said afterwards, so I...