The Strokes play Governors Ball 2016

Governors BallThe Strokes played Governors Ball festival last night (3 June 2016)

Judging by the reaction from fans on Twitter and even watching a bad quality stream of the concert (see below) the band really brought their A-game. The setlist has to go down as one of their best . Not just playing new songs from Future Present Past but reviving a cover of Clampdown by The Clash which they haven’t performed since 2004. Add in fan favourites like Red Light, Electricityscape and Ask Me Anything and you really have a winning set. Shame they haven’t been playing any Comedown Machine songs recently as Welcome to Japan is especially good live.

What also makes this concert great is how animated Julian is, lots of banter between songs and there is some real poignancy when he dedicates Electricityscape to their friend and artist Brett Kilroe who passed away from cancer earlier this year.


The Modern Age
Threat of Joy
What Ever Happened?
Under Cover of Darkness
Alone, Together
Ask Me Anything
Take It or Leave It
Drag Queen
Red Light
Clampdown (The Clash cover)
Heart in a Cage
Last Nite
Trying Your Luck
Hard to Explain


You Only Live Once

Gallery Update

Live at Governors Ball (3 June 2016)

Live at Governors Ball 3 June 2016


Below is the Periscope stream that Elena kindly streamed the Viceland TV channel from. Hopefully a high quality video of this broadcast will emerge.

You need to skip to around the 1hr 10min mark for The Strokes set.

A few more videos I’ve found on YouTube

Drag Queen Live at Governors Ball (3 June 2016)

Clampdown Live at Governors Ball (3 June 2016)

You Only Live Once Live at Governors Ball (3 June 2016)

Playlist of The Strokes at Governors Ball 2016


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