Some The Strokes related things of interest

Nick ValensiA few things to bring to your attention as the year draws to an end and we wait impatiently for The Strokes next move (hopefully a fifth record!)

Fan video

Want to say Merry Christmas to The Strokes? Well @ArcticBuckley aka Gabe is planning a video where fans can record a Christmas message to the band. Much like birthday videos fans have done before but this one is to say Merry Christmas/Season Greetings to The Strokes. All you need is a recording device and a smile!

Follow him on Twitter for more details.

– Direct all messages/questions to Gabe.

Deadline is December 24th.

Once its done, Gabe plans to tweet it to various members of The Strokes in the hope they will see it.

End of year polls

Well its that time of year where critics and fans compile their favourite artists/records/songs of the year.  Angles had a mixed reception so I don’t expect it to turn up in many magazine/blog lists but you can still vote for it at the NME awards which take place in February

Vote for Angles as Best Album

Vote for The Strokes as Best International Band

Vote for Julian Casablancas as Hottest Man In Music

 My Favourite Strokes Moments of the Year

2011 marked the long awaited return of The Strokes and I thought it would be fun to write about my personal 10 favourite moments of the year, from hearing Under Cover Of Darkness for the first time to all the livestreams.  I aim to get the first part up this week .