Site news: an explanation on the lack of updates

The Strokes 2001I’ve had a few queries from visitors asking why the site hasn’t been updated for a while and well there is a simple answer for this – there is no actual news right now.

I tend not to post about any future album without it being confirmed – especially after the long break between FIOE and Angles which gave us a million rumours of a new record most of which turned out to be wrong.

For now all we have is speculation. This time last year Nikolai and Albert both hinted that a fifth record would be in the works early 2012. Fans have asked various people on Twitter like Albert Hammond Snr and Amanda de Cadenet and we have a vague idea that something is meant to be happening like now. Whether it is or not well The Strokes have always been very vague and secretive about these kind of things.

Here is the one thing we do know, Nick has been in NYC quite a bit lately and as far as I’m aware so have all of the other guys. So being in the same location is a start!

I know we all want a new album and this time a proper tour but I think we may have a wait until next year. Time flies already we are heading towards the halfway point of the year – the likelihood of a record completed and ready to go by 2012 seems incredibly low.

Though we may have no news about the new album The Strokes themselves have been doing things like Julian popping up in the 100th digital short on SNL or Nikolai performing with Mick Jagger and Arcade Fire 

So whilst this site may not be updated regularly it still stands and will rest assured will continue to.

x For the latest news/rumours/random Strokes bits and pieces then follow the site on Twitter.

x The gallery is regularly updated as well as the guys like to go to parties and events.

In the meantime there are always old interviews to read or concerts to watch.

To all those currently enjoying the summer, The Strokes will always be the perfect soundtrack. I’m off to crank up The Modern Age and enjoy the sun.