Potential problems with the media on this site

The Strokes Group PhotoYou may have read about the closure of Megaupload last week, it is having a massive impact on other filesharing sites including the one I use to host the majority of the media on here, Mediafire.

I’ve always loved sharing all the concerts and TV performances with other Strokes fans and Mediafire has been the easiest way to do that. I have never uploaded anything by The Strokes that could be purchased legally, it’s always been about bootlegs that you can’t get otherwise.

I have something like 30GB of Strokes media currently uploaded to Mediafire, if it was to be closed down currently there is no other hosting service I could upload it all to and even if there was it would take a long time. I could possibly uploaded the audio to my own site but the videos would be too much.

I don’t want to panic anyone but seriously the way everything is going right now Mediafire closing or having restrictions is sadly a likely scenario.

So if there is a concert you always meant to download but have yet then I suggest doing that sooner rather than later.

Some links are probably broken but I don’t have the time right now to upload them again.

I honestly hope that Mediafire doesn’t close, it would be a great loss to us all. I will keep you updated with any developments.