The Strokes feature on end of year polls

Angles DesignThe last few weeks have see critics and fans decide on their favourite albums and music moments of 2011, really like most awards it isn’t that important but it is a bit of fun that we seem to be intent on doing every year. I for one love end of year lists to the point of it becoming a bit of an unheathly obsession!

Here is a round-up of the polls and lists The Strokes featured on

Pitchfork Readers Poll

Angles was #8 as the Most Underated Album and Under Cover of Darkness came in at 32 on the Top 50 Songs list. The Strokes were also 5th on the Best Comeback/Reunion poll

NME Readers Poll

Thanks to all the voting done by fans Angles came in at #2 on the NME Readers Best Album of 2011 poll and Under Cover of Darkness  was also #2 on the Top Song, well done everyone.

Angles was listed in the BBC’s Top Album Art of 2011, interesting choice seeing as how many people seemed to outright hate the art when it was first revealed. I was always indifferent to it myself.

You’re So Right won the Best Musical Performance on the Jimmy Fallon Late show

NY Times Concert Moments of 2011 included the spectacular Madison Square Garden show

Other blogs and sites that listed Angles:

What Culture Top 10 Albums
Hyper Vocal’s Top 30 Albums
National Post’s Top 42 Albums

I will amend this post if any other turn up.

For the record Angles was definitely in my own Top 10 list of 2011.