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The Strokes Play SNL October 2020 0

Watch The Strokes play Saturday Night Live

The Strokes performed on Saturday Night Live last night (31 October 2020). It was the band’s first performance on the show since they promoted Angles in 2011. This time around The Strokes played Bad Decisions and The Adults Are Talking from latest album The New Abnormal.


Julian Casablancas + The Voidz play Le Grand Journal

Julian Casablancas + The Voidz have been playing some dates in Europe the past week in support of Tyranny and got to perform on the French TV show Le Grand Journal. They performed Where No Eagles Fly and Dare I Care. They also did an interview with the show.  ...

Angles Design 3

The Strokes feature on end of year polls

The last few weeks have see critics and fans decide on their favourite albums and music moments of 2011, really like most awards it isn’t that important but it is a bit of fun that we seem to be intent on doing every year. I for one love end of year lists...

The Strokes on Ellen 5

The Strokes on Ellen

The Strokes played Gratisfaction today on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. There has been a lot of debate about whether they should be playing such a show but really look at Fab he was on fire and clearly seemed to be enjoying himself. Julian also had solid vocal performance. Download (HD Version now...

The Strokes Live on Le Grand Journal 7

The Strokes Live on Le Grand Journal

The Strokes played Le Grand Journal live at Cannes tonight, nice seeing the band playing with the sea in the background and the sun slowly setting. They performed Under Cover of Darkness Reptilia Taken For A Fool Gratisfaction Plus Julian did a rather confused but cute interview You can also...

Jools Holland 0

Jools Holland

The Strokes played Jools Holland tonight, performing Under Cover of Darkness and Taken For A Fool. You’re So Right will be featured on the extended edition of the show on Friday Under Cover of Darkness Taken For A Fool You’re So Right