Julian Casablancas and Albert Hammond, Jr both talk about The Strokes future

Featured Events SXSW 02Considering The Strokes are playing Governor Ball Music Festival in June perhaps its not too much of a surprise that the band is far from over but its always nice to get some confirmation.

Julian gave a rare interview at Lollapalooza Chile in which he talks about various things including his vague intentions to record with The Strokes again (which is very welcome news!)


Also in an interview with NME Albert also spoke positively about The Strokes future – I will post the full Albert interview tomorrow.

“I imagine there’ll be Strokes activity throughout the year and then hopefully – maybe – an album in the new year. That’s the dream. Am I saying that’s what’s happening? No. But I’m saying that’s definitely, probably, in everybody’s minds. We’re definitely not a band that would play these shows [Governor Ball Music Festival in June] just to randomly play them.”

Whilst nothing is certain and as many fans of the band know they work in their own time frame which is a lot slower than everyone else it is nice that both Julian and Albert  are openly talk about The Strokes future.  As always we wait and see.

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