More collaborations as The Strokes play Pearl Jam Fest Day Two

Featured Events PJ20The second day of the Pearl Jam Festival provided yet more collaborations. I honestly love it when The Strokes perform with other people it always add in an extra element of fun and the guys clearly have a blast.

Julian joined QOTSA on stage during Sick Sick Sick – the song that he performed backing vocals and guitar for back in 2007. QOTSA singer Josh Homme returned the favour and came out for New York City Cops, as well as Eddie Vedder singing on Juicebox again.

Finally Julian (having a busy night) sang backing vocals on Pearl Jam’s Red Mosquito.

Overall sounds like another great night and I’m sure anyone at the concerts this weekend had a blast. I’m so jealous of anyone who went BTW ha


New York City Cops with Josh Homme

Download: video / audio

Pearl Jam’s Red Mosquito with Julian Casablancas

Download: video / audio

I haven’t found a video for Sick Sick Sick yet but will add it to this post if I do


Once again thanks to  Jeff Ansari for a lot of  coverage of the weekend

The Strokes at PJ20 on Sunday
Julian on stage with QOTSA 
Live Photos: Summer 2011: Pearl Jam Festival Day Two



1.48 into this clip you can see Nick and Albert talk about Pearl Jam, Nick who I think along with Julian is the biggest fan of the band in The Strokes is clearly ecstatic to be playing at the festival



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