Listen to The Strokes Capitol Theatre show from 31 May 2014

The Strokes Capitol TheaterYou can now download and listen to the triumphant  live return of The Strokes from last weekend thanks to a torrent I found over at Dime A Dozen.

All the fan reports and video clips suggest it was a great show and now you can feel like you were there – well kind of.

Download MP3 for the FLAC version download the torrent at Dime A Dozen.


01 Intro 
02 Barely Legal 
03 Welcome to Japan 
04 Automatic Stop 
05 Machu Picchu
06 Reptilia 
07 Razorblade 
08 Take it or Leave it 
09 One Way Trigger 
10 Under Control 
11 Heart in a Cage 
12 Hard to Explain 
13 1251 
14 Someday 
15 Happy Ending 
16 The End Has No End 
17 You only Live Once 
18 Last Night 
19 Encore Break 
20 New York City Cops