The Strokes play New York comeback show

The Strokes Capitol TheaterLast night The Strokes played their first show since November 2011 in their home state of New York at the Captitol Theatre, Port Chester.  

The setlist did indeed include the live debuts of tracks of Comedown Machine and a few other songs the band haven’t played for the awhile like Razorblade.  Also having Take It Or Leave It early on in the set just seems so damn weird! But a nice change.


  1. Barely Legal
  2. Welcome to Japan
  3. Automatic Stop
  4. Machu Picchu
  5. Reptilia
  6. Razorblade
  7. Take It or Leave It
  8. One Way Trigger
  9. Under Control
  10. Heart in a Cage
  11. Hard to Explain
  12. 12:51
  13. Someday
  14. Happy Ending
  15. The End Has No End
  16. You Only Live Once
  17. Last Nite
  18. New York City Cops

Fan reports and videos are still coming in but here are a couple of videos for now.

Happy Ending Live at Capitol Theatre

One Way Trigger Live at Capitol Theatre

New York City Cops Live at Capitol Theatre


x Some short videos of the set can be found over at Lauren Gouch’s YouTube page

x Billboard reviewed the show here

Fab took over the Zildjian drum company Instagram thoughout the day to provide behind the scene photos. I’ve added them to the gallery as well.