Listen to The Strokes Landmark Music Festival show from 27 September 2015

You can now download and listen to The Strokes performance at Landmark Music Festival which took place on 27 September.

A huge thank you to  over at Twitter for sharing this with me – I’ve also been sent the audio from the Primavera show earlier this year which I will upload soon.


Download it here


01 (Intro)
02 Is This It
03 Barely Legal
04 Welcome to Japan
05 (Banter)
06 You Talk Way Too Much
07 Someday
08 Heart in a Cage
09 Hard to Explain
10 Killing Lies
11 Last Nite
12 (Banter)
13 Reptilia
14 Machu Picchu
15 You’re So Right
16 Automatic Stop
17 New York City Cops
18 (Banter)
19 Take It or Leave It