The Strokes play Pearl Jam Fest and perform with Eddie Vedder

Featured Events PJ20After last weekend’s epic performance with Pulp’s Jarvis Cocker this weekend has given us yet another collaboration. The Strokes were part of the bill for Pearl Jam’s 20th Anniversary celebrations.

If you’ve ever read any interviews with the guys you know how Pearl Jam and the Grunge movement was a massive influence on the band. Eddie Vedder previously joined The Strokes on stage during the Rolling Stone 1000th edition party back in 2006 and then the Pearl Jam singer along with QOTSA’s Josh Homme covered Mercy Mercy Me with The Strokes.

Now the love fest continues with Eddie joining The Strokes on stage once again for Juicebox

Download: video  / audio

Julian then returned the favour and got on stage during Pearl Jam’s set helping with Not For You.

Download: video / audio

Julian Casablancas on stage with Pearl Jam

Also check out some photos of The Strokes performance care of Jeff Ansari

Live Photos: Summer 2011: Pearl Jam Festival

Full audio of the concert