The Strokes play headlining show at FYF Fest (24 August 2014)

FYF Fest 2014The Strokes played their fourth show of the year at FYF Fest last night after both Albert and Julian played solo sets on Saturday.

Another great selection of songs were played. I hope the band don’t wait another 3 years to start playing live again, they are clearly still on their A-game when it comes to performing.


01 Barely Legal
02 Welcome To Japan
03 Automatic Stop
04 Machu Pichu
05 Reptilia
06 Razorblade
07 Killing Lies
08 One Way Trigger
09 Under Control
10 Heart In A Cage
11 Hard To Explain
12 12:51
13 Someday
14 The End has No End
15 You Only Live Once
16 Last Nite
17 NYC Cops

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Machu Pichu at FYF Fest

The End Has No End at FYF Fest