Julian Casablancas and The Voidz ‘Tyranny’ track list revealed (updated)

TyrannyEven though the digital release for Julian Casablancas second solo record is due on 23 September 2014 there has been a distinct lack of real news about the record. Well now the track listing has been announced and whilst I never judge a song by its title these are pretty far out and quite frankly hilarious names for songs. It seems like a lot of the titles for the tracks Julian has been playing live these last couple of months have changed:

Updated 02 September 2014: The tracklisting was indeed fake despite being on their official Facebook, the real tracklist can be found here


01. Commandant Lassard
02. Rawk Hawks
03. You Tube Comments
04. Ego
05. Batman, 10 Batmans Ago
06. Pony-tail Blues
07. Fingerless Pants
08. I’m The Best
09. Witch Balls
10. Lonely Male Hunters
11. Glory Hole Foods
12. Doc Acula
13. Gag Tears

I may these could be fake titles for Julian has been known to troll fans before but usually via Twitter rather than his actual official page. I guess time will tell.

My personal favourite has to be ‘Batman, 10 Batmans Ago‘ lets hope it is a moving tribute to the many Batmans we have seen grace our screens over the past few decades.

Also new artwork by the talented Sam Adoquei. Don’t forget you can pre-order Tyranny at the Cult Records store

JC and The Voidz Tyranny Artwork