The Strokes play Big Guava Festival, 9 May 2015

The Strokes performed at Florida’s Big Guava Festival last night and from reports it sounds like the band are really on top form with these 2015 shows.

I can’t wait to see them in June. Their next scheduled show is├é┬áPrimavera Sound Festival in Barcelona on May 30th.


Welcome to Japan
Barely Legal
Automatic Stop
You Only Live Once
All The Time
Machu Pichu
You Talk Way Too Much
One Way Trigger
Heart In A Cage
Vision of Division
Taken For A Fool
Under Control
Last Nite
Take It Or Leave It
Under Cover Of Darkness
Is This It
Hard To Explain
New York City Cops


Reptilia Live at Big Guava Festival

Someday Live at Big Guava Festival

Hard To Explain Live at Big Guava Festival

Is This It, Hard To Explain and NYCC Live at Big Guava Festival