The Strokes play Hove: Video & audio

Massive thanks to Luna for managing to rip the stream of this show and share it. They may not have played Machu but its still a great setlist and the video looks great.

You can download it below

01. Is This It
02. Reptilia
03. Under Cover Of Darkness
04. Hard To Explain
05. Someday
06. Taken For A Fool
07. Trying Your Luck
08. You Only Live Once
09. You’re So Right
10. What Ever Happened
11. Gratisfication
12. Meet Me In The Bathroom
13. New York City Cops
14. Life Is Simple In The Moonlight
15. Juicebox
16. Last Nite
17. Under Control
18. Take It Or Leave It

Multimedia: Audio: Live Concerts: Hove Festival 2011
Multimedia: Video: Live Concerts: Hove Festival 2011