NME and The Guardian Tyranny reviews

Tyranny ArtworkTwo more reviews for Julian Casablancas + The Voidz Tyranny have emerged.

The record have been getting mixed to positive reviews overall which I kind of expected because it is a strange one to get your head round.



NME gave the record 6 out of 10

These songs match the freakish, studs-and-leather-encrusted aesthetic of The Voidz, and anyone here in search of signposts to new Strokes material will leave sorely disappointed. But then, this new project was never going to yield the next ‘Last Nite’. Instead, ‘Tyranny’ is dark, angsty and frankly very weird: the sound of Julian Casablancas’ very own escape from New York.

The Guardian gave it 3 out of 5 stars

You don’t have to dig too hard for melodies – they are everywhere on this punkoid ‘protest’ record. There was a moment around Phrazes for the Young when Casablancas seemed to be gravitating towards the easy entitlement of yacht rock. This bloody-minded outing suggests Casablancas isn’t ready for contentment just yet.