Albert Hammond Jr Momentary Masters round up

Artwork Solo AHJ Momentary MastersAlbert Hammond Jr’s third solo album Momentary Masters is released at the end of the month and so reviews, interviews and videos are all getting released. Here is a round-up of recent Albert related news.


Albert speaks to Gigwise [14 July 2015] If anything, the stuff I’m creating is more fun and dynamic, so the fact that I can do that makes me feel ‘younger’…..but that also sounds lame.” 

Albert speaks to EW [7 July 2015] “Lyrically [Momentary Masters] started to become something of a discussion with my shadow, with the idea of the duality that’s in your head and realizing that it all exists at the same time. You’re not good or bad, you’re both, always”

Albert speaks to Noisey [23 June 2015] “I just feel OK in my place, and I don’t need to feel insecure about certain things. I don’t have to spend energy on a part of my brain that just goes in circles”


Losing Touch by Albert Hammond Jr from Momentary Masters

Born Slippy by Albert Hammond Jr from Momentary Masters

NME Review:

Momentary Masters is his most satisfying, cohesive record yet, and, in many ways, his most personal

You can read the review over at NME or read the scans below.

NME Albert Hammond Jr Momentary Masters Review








Momentary Masters is released on 31 July 2015 on Vagrant Records in the US and Infectious Records in the UK