Julian Casablancas + The Voidz Crunch Punch & Nintendo Blood Lyrics

Tyranny alternative artworkJulian Casablancas + The Voidz have revealed more lyrics for new record Tyranny.

I was really hoping they would release the official lyrics because as per recent records by The Strokes its pretty difficult to make out what Julian Casablancas is singing and as Tyranny is meant to be a political protest album it would be useful to understand the lyrics.

Now after previously releasing the lyrics to Human Sadness and Where No Eagles Fly the lyrics for Crunch Punch and Nintendo Blood have been released via the Cult Records You Tube page. I expect more lyrics will be coming soon.

Crunch Punch Lyrics

Devils, evangelicals, they puppet my eye
He is the creepiest guy in the sky.
Re-runs on the radio, the DJ is wrong
He’s just a preacher who pushed play on this song.

I can’t live on a farm forever,
Please just tell them I’m gone,
But not until tomorrow, when I’ve made it out somehow.
Can I pray for you, ‘ma—?

Police they get in their face
Officer down on the scene
‘Calling all cars we have an officer down, I repeat…’

Best repeat what is not true
Watch my neighbor
We wont tell them what to do
Can you rescue me, everybody wants what they can’t see
Yes I want it for me, but I want it for you, too

Come meet the ventriloquist who puppets my eye,
He is the creepiest guy in the sky
Everybody loves him and he kisses your hand
He likes to pretend that he sings in a band.
– Okaay.

Please don’t take the pain
It’s running all down on your face…

“Don’t miss the show, okay?”
“-Ah, I can’t have time”

I can’t live on the farm forever
We live too far away
From everything,
I pray for some things to change,
Your mother is a murderer,
Trust me I know.
‘…Shit, I got excited, oh-oh’

Can’t beat them it’s so hard
Wanna meet them in my prime.

Nintendo Blood lyrics

Her eyes were black and white and blue
I listen to your favorite songs backwards
Do you have a plan for who to surrender to?
I’ve been training for you…

It won’t stop now

Imprisoned us in a song
Asleep in the dead of wrong
No return beyond this point
In theory

Will you drift into that dark war-path,
When the blood runs down their face sideways?
As the party stays in the city forever, it seems
Like ugly hippy neon art

We let the schoolboys in your eyes run out
When you asked me to blow smoke in your mouth
Like anybody the gloves I find I try
Can you think back to that time?

I was so angry I got up and out of bed
I spent 25 minutes reading what you said
A face I know so well, I’ve memorized your teeth
I’ve worked so hard I haven’t looked at you in weeks

Will you solve your problems in the day-light?
They like to change the rules as they go
By chapter 2 he got killed by the author
Momma won’t let me out

Take me in your android arms mom-Jeanette
Made up of every lonely person you’ve met
Of every pretty stranger you’ll never regret —
I can’t help it, it’s not my fault, gotta be possessive
Each man for his own, arm in arm in arms

Imprisoned us in a song
Asleep in the dead of wrong
Motha-f. Don’t page me tonite
Don’t stop, react, attack.

“When man has conquered the earth he will have destroyed himself
His appetite will devour the earth and leave behind only a desert
The end of living & the beginning of surviving,
Our land, our brother we treat like an enemy
But “when man has conquered the earth he will have destroyed himself
The end of living & the beginning of surviving…”

Our land is a brother we treat like an enemy – oh oh
Cause nothing exists except molecules and empty space – oh oh

The moon is cracked I think it looked at me and grinned
The room is packed I look around and now it spins
Cyborg, I need to sit down, I need to shut up
Universe everything’s wrong, I think I fucked up

Only trust myself
Level with myself
Level with myself
I am not myself