Round up of recent The Strokes news

The Strokes 2001A round up of news/updates you may have missed


Added quite a few candid photos from the past few weeks including Albert at the premieres for Anonymous and The Rum Diary and Nick DJing at the All Saints/Not For Sale Hollywood launch on October 24

Also some pictures from the Corona Capital Festival last month.

Voting time

Vote for The Strokes in the Best Alternative Band category at the MTV European Music Awards, today is the last day!

Also NME have a best album of the last 15 years poll running so don’t forget to show Is This It some love by rating it 10/10

Live Streams

There are two live streams this coming weekend

The Strokes at Personal Festival (O4 November 2011)

When: 23:20 (Local Time – Buenos Aires) / 22:20 (East Coast) / 19:20 (West Coast) 02:20 (UK) / Other Time Zones 

Live Stream : Watch it here

Recording :  Update: The stream quality is appalling so its very unlikely I will be recording it, sorry!

The Strokes at Planeta Terra Festival (05/06 November 2011)

When: 01:30 (Local Time – Sao Paulo) / 23:30 (East Coast) / 20:30 (West Coast) / Other Time Zones

Live Stream: Watch it here

Note: It seems like the stream is only for Brazil /other Latin American countries and possibly the US so I will not be able to record it which really sucks so if anyone can do it please let me know either here or on Twitter.


After Stereogum did a  cover/tribute album for Is This It earlier this summer it seems like Rock N Beats  has done its own version with Brazilian bands! More information at their site

Toxic Radio the new domain of the Hard To Explain forum has been down the the last few weeks but fear not it is now back!