The Strokes feature in NME’s special collectors edition

Media Misc Video NMENME magazine is changing, on September 18 2015 it is turning into a free magazine rather than a paid one.

To celebrate their first 63 years NME have released a special collectors issue. As you can imagine The Strokes feature a few times – according to this issue they have graced the cover 23 times in the past 14 years.

I often joke about the NME and their obsession with the band and ability to take a single quote from an interview and make dramatic click-bait headlines but without a doubt The Strokes success in the UK was at least partly down to the NME championing them at an early stage. I remember my first glimpse of band was in an early 2001 issue of NME.

I also think that bands like The Strokes and The White Stripes helped NME survive. After Britpop faded music went to some odd places like Nu Metal and British music wasn’t very inspiring. Then 2001 happened and a lot changed for music and for the NME, it gave them a new lease of life – a whole new genre in the form of garage rock and the success of those bands helped kick-start the British indie scene again with bands like The Libertines, Franz Ferdinard and the Arctic Monkeys.

Below are a couple of scans from the issue, including their iconic June 2001 cover. I remember reading that interview about 20 times when I got it – like the NME  I was properly obsessed by then.

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