How The Strokes made Is This It

The Strokes Is This ItAlbert Hammond, Jr and Is This It Producer Gordon Raphael spoke to The Guardian about the making of Is This It as part of the paper’s ‘How we made’ series.  There are a few interesting snippets from the pair.

Gordon on Julian approaching him to be their producer

“Julian took me to dinner and said Rough Trade wanted them to record an album with Gil Norton, who’d produced Pixies and Foo Fighters and sold 6m copies of every recording he’d made. Julian said that if I told him I was a better producer, I could record the album. I couldn’t do that. So he stood up and said: “Fuck you. Now we have to use Gil Norton.” A few weeks later, he called. It hadn’t worked out with Gil. Julian said: “Imagine you took a time machine into the future and found a classic album from way in the past and really liked it.” That was the sound they wanted”

You can read the full article at the Guardian website.