The Strokes confirm a new album is in the works

The StrokesNow this is a bit of unexpected and wonderful news.

Last night at the Landmark Festival in Washington D.C. Julian Casablancas announced that The Strokes will be back and will be back in the studio.

The exact quote in all its Casablancas glory is

Thanks guys. We’ll be back soon and we’ll be back in the studio and shit, yeah. Fuck yeah, man.

The future of The Strokes has been uncertain and seems to change every few months – just before their show in Hyde Park back in June Albert sounded quite down about the band’s future plans but it seems like the vibe is right and they will be making another record.  Of course when the fans get to hear the new material is unknown, The Strokes have always had their own version of time that us mere mortals cannot understand. I personally think the earliest date will be late 2016.