Unconfirmed reports that The Strokes are to release a new single soon

The Strokes are to release a new single soon according to Consequence of Sound.

The site references the mysterious tweet from music executive Jesse Kirshbaum which was spotted by fans earlier in the week. It has now been deleted but suggested that new music was imminent.

Jesse Kirshbaum Tweet








I wouldn’t say this is confirmation because it is never that easy with The Strokes. However, Consequence of Sound did add that sources close to the band confirmed a new single does exist.  I wouldn’t be a huge surprise if the band did release new music, the official website got a new look last week for the first time since The Strokes released their last record Comedown Machine. There is also the fact that the band are playing the SXSW Samsung Galaxy Life Festival tonight as previously reported.

I really hope we do indeed get a new single soon, it has been three years this month since Comedown Machine was released and they can’t really keep playing one of festival dates without debuting new material at some point. Fingers crossed that 2016 is the year we get the new music.