The Strokes 2010 Live Dates

The Strokes LogoThe Strokes are back on stage this summer, which is fantastic for us fans who have been patiently waiting for the hiatus to be over with!

RockNess Festival, Scotland (13 June 2010)

Isle of Wight Festival, England (12 June 2010)

Southside Festival, Germany (18 June 2010)

Hurricane Festival, Germany (20 June 2010)

St Gallen Festival, Switzerland (25 June 2010)

Hordern Pavilion, Sydney, Australia (29 July 2010)

Festival Hall, Melbourne, Australia (30 July 2010)

Lollapalooza, Grant Park Chicago, USA (August 06-08 2010, day not confirmed yet)

Hopefully this will be the first chance to hear new material from the guys