She's Fixing Her Hair: The Strokes latest album Comedown Machine Out Now - Part 10
She's Fixing Her Hair
She's Fixing Her Hair – The Strokes New Album Comedown Machine Is Out Now: Fansite For NY Rock Band The Strokes
February 09, 2013
The Strokes Fan project and round up of news

Fan Project

Strokes fan Gabe (@arcticbuckley) is making a fan documentary about the band. He is looking for fellow fans to contribute to the film by talking about those five guys from NYC. If you are interested contact him via Twitter. Below is one of the trailers he made last year (view the other one here), with new ones planned soon.

News round-up

Nick Valensi is playing Petty Fest San Francisco on February 27. He played at the LA version back in November last year doing a great rendition of Tom Petty’s American Girl. [Via The Strokes News]

• Nikolai now has a new Facebook page you should all check out. Nikolai recently played bass on two new projects, with Harper Simon (check out his new single Bonnie Brae). He also played with Adam Green and Binki Shapiro on a track that doesn’t appear on their rather excellent debut album. That song is Collage and can be heard here

• Julian sent out an update regarding Cult Records which he owns and their two recent signings The Virgins and Har Mar Superstar. You can sign up to the label’s mailing list at the official site.

New Single All The Time airing next week

As previously mentioned All The Time will be sent to radio stations next week. Zane Lowe will be playing it as one of his hottest records on Wednesday 13 February. Zane will also be conducting an interview with one of the guys. More info here.

Gallery Update

Nick’s birthday celebrations in Las Vegas 11 Jan 2013

Julian in Manhattan 04 Feb 2013

Photos from Colin Lane’s Tumblr

February 07, 2013
Comedown Machine tracklisting and NME’s first verdict

NME has the first track by track listen of Comedown Machine, complete with tracklist and well it sounds pretty different for the guys which just makes me want it more. As information and previews trickle in I feel like there are going to be many unhappy fans and also some delighted with a different sound.

I’m quoting parts of NME’s guide to the album you can read the the full thing here

• Tap Out

Opening with an incongruous six-second paroxysm of guitar, the track soon settles into a mellower version of the tinkling, coke-bottle rhythm from ‘Don’t Stop Till You Get Enough’ while Julian (albeit in a higher, reedier voice than usual) still sounds reassuringly like Holden Caulfield putting on the moves, shrugging that “Even though I really like your place/ Somehow, we don’t have to know each other’s name”

• All the Time

The way it collapses into motion with a sudden percussive jolt, to Nick Valensi’s serpentine guitar solo, to the unmistakable ‘Room On Fire’ vibe running throughout, this is rock ’n’ roll as only The Strokes can do it. The best bit, though, is the lyric that seems to poke fun at the band’s torturous creative process: “All the time that I need is never quite enough, all the time that I have is all that’s necessary”

• One Way Trigger

‘One Way Trigger’ isn’t any sort of litmus test for ‘Comedown Machine’.

• Welcome To Japan

It looks like someone’s done gone come down with a dose of da funk. Yeah, we know what you’re thinking: this might have been horrible, but it somehow ends up being great fun, with Nikolai Fraiture’s daft, elastic bassline underpinning a Franzian strut into outright disco… the song has enough moving parts to keep every member occupied, while Casablancas – demanding to know “What kind of asshole drives a Lotus?”- is on richly sardonic form.

• 80′s Comedown Machine

From the moment you hear Fab Moretti’s echoey, skipped-heartbeat drums, you know something’s afoot. Sure enough, the mellotron isn’t far behind, doing that phantasmal ‘Strawberry Fields’ thing which seems to be the instrument’s sole purpose..Still, there’s something oddly hypnotic about this song; like its protagonist ..who ‘fesses up that, “It’s not the first time I’m watching you passing by…”

• 50/50

The album’s shortest song, as well as being its loudest and nastiest, built around a coiled garage-rock riff that puts us in mind of the Von Bondies…It’s got the same sort of ferociousness and intensity that ‘Reptilia’ was blessed with.

• Slow Animals

There’s a frustrating lack of purpose or urgency here, characterised by Julian’s tentative, half-whispered vocals. You don’t have to be so loud/ Everyone can hear you in this whole damn crowd”

• Partners In Crime

You know what I love about this song? The fact that when you listen to it through a decent set of headphones, you can zero in on Albert Hammond Jr’s guitar, which just does not stop….It’s a bit all over the place on first listen, what with sci-fi guitars pinging left and right and no recognisable chorus to set your bearings by, but – as tends to be the case with ‘Comedown Machine’ – you eventually begin to make sense of it.

• Chances

‘Chances’ is one of those songs – like ‘Games’, their almost-but-not-quite venture into chillwave – that’s slow-paced, mostly electronic and doesn’t really feel like The Strokes. “I waited for you, I waited on you, but now I don’t” sings Casablancas in that new falsetto.

• Happy Endings

Another noticably funky cut, with more guitars that sound like keyboards…and Casablancas’ double-tracked vocals (one low, one high) imploring us to “Say no more, just get it all off your chest”…The song seems to cut out just as things are getting going. Still, there are worse gripes to have with songs than wanting a little bit more of them.

• Call It Fate, Call It Karma

Remember the demo for ‘You Only Live Once’, the one where it was just Julian crooning woozily over an electric piano? Well it starts off somewhere between that and ‘Call Me Back’, but it’s also got an eerie, last-foxtrot-at-the-Overlook-Hotel thing going on, with a plonking bass piano motif, gooey Alvino Rey guitar and a wax-cylinder crackle running throughout

February 05, 2013
Early reactions to The Strokes new record Comedown Machine

Full reviews of the new album are probably still a month or so away but it seems like journalists started receiving their copy of Comedown Machine today. Some early reactions on Twitter (via mateja at The Strokes News)

Jenny is Deputy News Editor at the NME.

Jim writes for Shortlist magazine.

Niall (who admits he dislike Angles) is Q magazine reviews editor.

Ben writes for The Fly

So it seems like this album is very 80s (which is no surprise) but also a lot of fun! Also some people who didn’t like Angles that much seem a lot more positive already. The 80s style will probably continue to divide fans especially those who dislike One Way Trigger but I am more intrigued than ever to hear Comedown Machine.

January 30, 2013
The Strokes announce new record Comedown Machine

It seems every time I update this site a few hours later new information comes out.  This is the best yet though, The Strokes will release their fifth record entitled Comedown Machine‘on 25 March 2013 (UK) and 26 March (US), rest of the world dates to be announced.

As speculated yesterday, Comedown Machine is indeed the title and as many people have pointed out the cover is a lovely vintage tribute to the red tape used by RCA back in the 1950s.

Fans in the US and the rest of the world can pre-order the album here, UK fans will have to wait for Rough Trade to put it up in their store, expect that will happen soon. If you pre-order the album a download of new single All The Time will be sent out on 19 February.

Don’t forget to check out the Thelma and Louise inspired lyric sheet for One Way Trigger

January 29, 2013
Latest news and speculation regarding The Strokes 5th album

Further news about the new album and forthcoming single has been trickling in.

As previously reported One Way Trigger may be the first song we have heard but it’s not the first single. Still expected to be All The Time it is due to be sent to radio stations on Feb 13 2013. Long term Strokes supporter and the man who usually gets the exclusive first play of a new single Zane Lowe mentioned in his show tonight that he will be playing it in two weeks time. It’s a little unclear if this will be 12 or 13 February but this will be confirmed nearer the time. He will also interview a member of the band. Zane’s involvement is a bit of a tradition now and he always manages to ramp up the excitement.

More speculation but looking very likely is that the fifth record may well be called Comedown Machine. Over at Reddit someone uncovered this image on the official site. Along with the potential album title is the running length of 37 minutes 49 seconds which seems like a standard Strokes album length (apart from FIOE) [Via The Strokes News]

Stroko V

Lets not forget what we do have right now and that is One Way Trigger. Albert confirmed on Twitter earlier this week that he co-wrote the song with Julian, whilst playing the synths, acoustic guitar and co-writing the lyrics. Albert has been busy. Thanks to everyone who has been contributing to working out the lyrics, Julian has now posted the official ones on his site and I have updated the previous post.

Expect further news and interviews to start happening soon with the band. It seems odd that it was only two years ago we went through this with Angles. I guess I got so used to the long wait between records I didn’t expect a fifth one so soon.

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