The Strokes Primavera Sound livestream details

Featured Events Primavera Sound FestivalThe Strokes Primavera Sound festival set this coming Saturday 30 May 2015 will be broadcast live on the festival website.

This is great news for fans, we haven’t had a livestream since 2011 and judging by the overwhelming positive reaction to The Strokes festival appearances earlier this month at both Big Guava and Shaky Knees it should be a great show.

The band are scheduled to perform at 23:45 local time, which is 22:45 GMT / 17:45 East Coast / 14:45 West Coast. You can find other time zones here

In addition to The Strokes performance, Albert Hammond, Jr’s set will be aired as well. This one will be pre-recorded (it takes place on 27 May) and will be streamed in the early hours of 30 May at 02:00 local time which is 01:00 GMT / 20:00 East Coast (on 29 May) / 17:00 West Coast (on 29 May). You can find other time zones here.