The Strokes play Oxegen Festival

Featured Events Oxegen FestivalThe Strokes played a very wet Oxegen Festival last night

Irish radio station 2fm aired some of the set

Note: The quality isn’t the greatest and the radio presenter kept talking over the songs/cutting away for adverts

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Life Is Simple In The Moonlight (End of song)
You’re So Right
What Ever Happened
Automatic Stop
Gratisfaction (Beginning of song missed by radio station)
Last Nite
Take It Or Leave It

Live Photos: Summer 2011: Oxegen Festival 2011


Taken For A Fool

[youtube 6vR8wNC7RsU]


[youtube -InHl88asCY]

Click for more and an interview with Albert

You Only Live Once

[youtube X6CnCLI0HDA]


[youtube cunwOzkHPXg]

Automatic Stop

[youtube Y90d2P_06mg]

Take It Or Leave It

[youtube KVq7PB0URUQ]

Albert also gave a interview

[youtube OtmVhkBR_kU]

The Strokes play Scotland’s T In The Park festival tonight and the BBC will be airing some of the set, I will be recording it of course.


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