The Strokes Comedown Machine Reviews round-up

The Strokes Comedown MachineThought it would be useful to round-up all of the reviews there has been so far, the good, the bad and the average. Still waiting a few more from the larger sites/magazines like NME, Spin and Pitchfork.

NME track-by track

Q Magazine : 4 out of 5 stars Even when they up the pace, there’s a restraint that characterises Comedown Machine, even in its sturdier rock moments. In that sense, it feels like their least New York record to date; it’s an album of space and light, nothing rushed on boxed-in

Uncut : 7 out 10 It attempts to meld guitars with guitars with ’80s Europop….the experiment is often successful

Contact Music Enjoy the rejuvenation of The Strokes, for this is the sound of a band that have tuned into the same wavelength and produced a collection of songs that you and, crucially, they can have fun with. It is this factor that sees them delivering on the promise of their debut and, though this may not have the same impact on the music climate, it is most definitely worth investing time in.

Time Out ChicagoAs much as I adored it, Angles sounded pieced together in a computer by band members hardly communicating. Comedown Machine is the sound of a group invigorated, collaborating.

BBC Music : The songs here might take a little longer to unlock than their predecessors, but none of them strike a false note. Although plenty of the group’s signature sounds are present and correct, they form the backdrop to an unexpectedly wide range of styles and approaches.

Rolling Stone :3 out of 5 stars Comedown Machine is basically a solo trip for singer Julian Casablancas, showing yet again how much he respects Eighties New Wave. Why is Comedown Machine an official Strokes album instead of another Casablancas solo album? Only a Stroke could tell you.

Under The Radar 4 out of 10 : Overall, it might not be fair for The Strokes to have to live under the shadow of their own previous successes. But when you know a band can be that good, it’s frustrating to hear the same band put out an album this forgettable

Clash Magazine 8 out of 10 : Their most thought-provoking, strangest & sexiest record yet

Drowned In Sound 8 out of 10 : The Strokes will never get back the raw magic of Is This It? but, with Comedown Machine, they’ve cast a different spell entirely – one that’s almost joyful. 

Loud and Quiet 7 out of 10 : but some spontaneity too, from band we now expect to be idle and spoilt

Brum Notes magazine 4.5 out of 5 stars Each track has something to offer and it’s easy to imagine each one being a hit single. The whole album is brought together into one complete musical triumph by the funky rhythm that encompasses each track. This take on 80s synth-pop intertwined with The Strokes’ signature sound makes for a legendary piece of work

Counteract magazine 4 out of 5 stars : the fifth effort from NYC’s sons is a musical journey of past, present, and potentially the future

Digital Spy 4 out of 5 stars : Most of Comedown Machine, though, is The Strokes charged, adventurous and with their heads on straight. It’s not their finest ever work, but it’s their best in a while.

HotPress : I had written off The Strokes. Remarkably, however, the NYC quintet appear to have found a new lease of life on their fifth album

What Culture 3 out of 5 stars :  The Strokes’ fifth studio album is in no way a bad one and it’s a welcomed addition to their musical works. ,. Unfortunately this record leaves you feeling slightly underwhelmed.

Crave Online 8 out of 10 : Comedown Machine is romantic, fun and above all honest. Lumps aside, The Strokes are still banging away to the beat of their own drummer (or drum machine).

Alt Press  3.5 out of 5 stars : That they manage to score far more hits than misses here is only further proof that the band’s inevitable fade away is still a long time off.

NME 8 out of 10 : Most of all, it’s fun – a great achievement considering it hasn’t looked fun in being in The Strokes for years. If this is what Comedown sounds like, we want some of what they’re coming down from.