Listen to a stream of The Strokes Comedown Machine now

The Strokes Comedown MachineThe day people have been waiting for, if you can’t wait until the record hits your country listen to it over at Pitchfork advance

Clearly the album is way too awesome for my laptop as it keeps crashing, did hear Tap Out on Zane Lowe earlier and fucking loved it. So different from anything they have done before, you would not know it was The Strokes unless you listened to it carefully and heard Julian’s vocals. Brilliant stuff.

I’ve decided to indulge myself and listen to the whole thing because hey I waited for ROF, I waited for FIOE, I waited for Angles. Sometimes I just don’t want to wait any more   I will post some of my thoughts tomorrow or later in the week once I’ve composed myself. For now enjoy it. Initial reactions across Twitter and the forum seems to be VERY positive.

Edit: First reaction after one listen? Well that was a most delightful interesting and often mind-blowing 39 minutes. At times it doesn’t even sound like The Strokes but yet you can hear those vocals, hear the guitars and know it is them. Very different. Very good. OWT and All The Time don’t really represent the album at all. Change for the better. Stand out songs so far Chances, Welcome To Japan, Call It Fate and Tap Out.