The Strokes are back with ‘One Way Trigger’

The Strokes One Way Trigger SingleIt what may well be the greatest surprise The Strokes have ever given us from out of nowhere the band posted a new song on their website!

And it wasn’t the song talked about last week All The Time but instead 4 minutes 1 second of a brilliant new track called One Way Trigger.

Still recovering from the shock of this really, it wasn’t what I expected at all. Julian’s high vocals somewhat stunned me as did the dance quality to it. But you know what this song is good, real good. As in I don’t want to stop listening to it, I actually want to get the loudest speakers in the world and blast One Way Trigger from it so that the whole world could dance along.

Listen to it below and sound off in the comments!

107.7 The End say the actual first single from the new album will be coming out soon, so yes this is a very good year!