Some thoughts on rumours and the future of the band

The Strokes LogoOK so some fans have seen this poster for Comedown Machine and think it means The Strokes are breaking up and asked what I thought. I have been thinking of writing something about my thoughts on the future of the band for a while. So here it is, it is all just my personal opinion, no facts because there are none in this case. Right this is going to be long.

In many ways with the lack of publicity, the nostalgic video for All The Time, no immediate tour plans, the fact that Comedown Machine is their last album on their contract with RCA, the many personal issues the band has during the making of Angles – all of that could very easily point towards the end of the band.

It’s something I have been thinking about a hell of a lot for quite a while. I love this band I have done for 12 long years; I’ve run this website for nearly 10 of those. They are still the only band that I get stupidly excited for.

The idea of having no new music from them ever again is a terrible notion for me but one that I have been thinking might be a very real possibility. I tend to stay positive especially on this site and on Twitter because there is a lot of negativity around and fueling rumours is something I’ve tried to avoid having come across some completely stupid ones in my time as a fan.

So the main question fans and the media are asking is could this be their last record?

Yes it could. I’m going to be honest and say that it could be because sometimes bands break up or go on extended breaks and never return. Because they have had problems (even if we will never know the full details and nor should we), because maybe they are just tired of it all (hey in the end a job is a job and that can get routine)

BUT and here is the most important thing no one knows.

The only people that know are the band and their manager.

I remember at times it felt like we would never get album number 4 and many people said then The Strokes were finished. Yet it happened. Then no one thought a 5th record would happen and well it has.

There could be a much simpler answer to all of the worrying signs.

All of it could just mean it’s the end of one era (their time at RCA) and the start of another.

Albert already mentioned that the RCA cover of Comedown Machine is a tribute to their last record at that label.  In Nick’s brief interview at The Conversation site he mentioned no real touring for this album but they will for the next. Which you know implies a 6th album.

It could be that they want to finish up their time with RCA and move onto a different label and then focus on prompting new music.

The media blackout for this record is annoying I know but after their experience with the press during Angles you can get why they have done it even if you don’t approve of it.

The band have always been incredibly secretive when it comes to their plans, at times frustratingly  so and other times well you get nice surprises like Comedown Machine being announced from out of nowhere.

So maybe Comedown Machine is their last record or maybe in 5 years time we will look back at all these rumours and be laughing as we listen to Stroko VII.

It’s really hard to say what is going to happen and trust me if it is their last record there will be no one more upset than I will be.

For now though until that horrible time one day comes I am going to be waiting for Comedown Machine, waiting to listen to new music and just I guess managing my expectations of what to expect with this band.

Sometimes as hard as it is you have to realise the band you want them to be just isn’t the band they want to be. You don’t have to be happy with it (hell I really want to see them live again), you can be annoyed and angry even.

That doesn’t mean you should give up completely though, who know what surprises await. Who knows what the future may bring.


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