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The Strokes 5 Guys 0

The Strokes preview The New Abnormal

The Strokes released their second ‘5 Guys Talking About Things They Know Nothing About’ video in which they previewed new album The New Abnormal, talk about working with producer Rick Rubin and how they are dealing with the lockdown.

The Strokes 5 Guys 0

The Strokes launch lockdown video series

The Strokes have joined the rest of the world and come together via Zoom in order to bring some joy to fans. In the first of hopefully many videos The Strokes are ‘5 guys talking about things they know nothing about’ including the legacy of Bill Withers, not knowing their...

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Julian Casablancas on the future of The Strokes

A sixth record by The Strokes always felt like a given to me, things were very quiet in 2013 when Comedown Machine was released but last summer they played some shows and they are doing some more festivals this year. Something is definitely happening in the land of The Strokes...

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Some thoughts on rumours and the future of the band

OK so some fans have seen this poster for Comedown Machine and think it means The Strokes are breaking up and asked what I thought. I have been thinking of writing something about my thoughts on the future of the band for a while. So here it is, it is...