She’s Fixing Her Hair turns 10

The Strokes Group PhotoBack in the summer of 2003 The Strokes were about to release Room On Fire and they were all over the music press. I had recently graduated and was going through the soul destroying process of applying for jobs and to ease my boredom I started scanning all the interviews and sharing them to the now defunct Livejournal community for the band.

At the time a lot of The Strokes fansites that emerged when Is This It came out had stopped updating and in many cases closed. I decided I might as well share all these interviews on a site of my own and as Reptilia had recently been unveiled at Summersonic I decided on the name She’s Fixing Her Hair. The site was born and somehow 10 years later is still going.

I had no website or HTML experience before starting this site and basically learned everything as I went along but it was nice to give back, it was nice to share new songs and news with people across the world.

When I was growing up and getting into music I didn’t have the Internet and didn’t get the opportunity to talk to fellow fans about the bands I loved. One of my favourite things about The Strokes is that I’ve meet (in person and online) so many fantastic people because of their music – that includes a few of my closest friends that I’ve known for over ten years.

So thank you to everyone who has visited over the years, even when The Strokes themselves go on hiatus or radio silence people still visit and still contact me.  Also thanks to everyone that has sent content for the sites like scans or media.

I never planned to be running a website for a decade but I plan to continue it as long as The Strokes decide to make music.