Julian Casablancas talks to the Daily Beast

Julian Casablancas & The Voidz LogoJulian Casablancas recently talked to The Daily Beast’s Marlow Stern.

It is a fascinating read with some really interesting quotes from Julian about his solo work, the politics of new album Tyranny and Julian’s recent remarks about leaving New York because of brunch.


On recent albums by The Strokes

I think the last few records of The Strokes are an exercise in trying to get the flow and the work process smooth, and make sure we’re collaborating, everyone’s happy, and making sure it’s a positive, creative area. I’m still musically directing—or I don’t know what you’d call it—but I’ve definitely tried to let other people, rather than engage in debate, cede.

On politics

..creating awareness through art is a pretty common thing that’s happened through history. I’m going to put myself out there. Where to start? Democracy is an illusion, freedom of speech is an illusion, freedom of assembly is an illusion.

On inspiration

I think I have to credit my stepdad, Sam Adoquei, who basically gave me all my artistic knowledge from when I was 14 on. We’d always talk about art, and he gave me all these books and music that’s served as inspiration. I think pain can be a motivator, but I haven’t fulfilled what I want to do, so I feel like I’ve stayed hungry.

Read the full interview over at The Daily Beast