How to watch The Strokes on various TV shows this week

The Strokes are doing a mini promotional tour this week in the UK and France at least.  Below is what they are playing and how to see it.

Live at BBC Big Weekend (15 May)

When is it on: Tonight (15 May), don’t have an exact time yet check from 20:00 UK time / 15:00 EST / 12:00 PST / Further time zones

Follow me on twitter when I will tweet when it starts.

Streams (UK): here. The Strokes play the In New Music We Trust stage (yeah I know new music?) so pick the INMWT stream.

Streams: (Outside the UK): Apparently if you download Expatshield then load up the stream (agains the INMWT one) it will allow you to watch. Use at your own risk though.

Radio: There will also be highlights on the radio from 22:00 UK time, you can listen to BBC Radio 1 here, no restrictions apply to countries.

Further Info: I will be recording the video stream and doing my usual with uploading the videos. Though it may take a couple of days with it not being a weekend.

Later with on Jools Holland (17 May)

When is it on: 17 May at 22:00 UK Time / 17:00 EST / 14:00 PST / Further time zones

How to Watch: In people the UK its on BBC 2

Streams: I’m still trying to find a working stream though TV PC is a good place to start

Further Info: The Strokes will most likely play two songs on 17 May.

As per usual I will be recording and uploading

Later with Jools Holland – Extended Edition (20 May)

When is it on: 20 May at 23:50 UK Time / 18:50 EST / 15:50 PST / Further time zones

How to watch: see above

Further Info: This is the extended edition of Jools Holland which has a further 30 minutes and should include a third song by The Strokes

As per usual I will be recording and uploading

Live on Le Grand Journal (20 May)

When is it on: 19:00 UK / 14:00 EST / 11:00 PST / Further time zones

How to watch: I think videos will be on this site

Further Info:They will be streaming live at this time, interviewed for the next 45 minutes and then again play 2 songs at the end of the show only for the web not broadcasted on tv at 19:50 uk time. Thanks to Snoowflake at HTE for this info