Albert Hammond, Jr talks about The Strokes future and his new EP

Albert Hammond, Jr NME 2013Albert breaks the media blackout

The Strokes have been in a self imposed media blackout all year last week Albert Hammond, Jr gave a rare interview to NME about talked in somewhat vague terms about The Strokes future and his own soon to be released solo EP.



At some point we will do something and we will speak about it wholly and it will feel good…It just feels too one-sided or weird or not fun when it’s not coming as a group effort, but everything’s great. The Strokes are always open to… it’s always going to have something. I’m not saying that’s the word from the band, just that’s how I look at it, how it feels – like we’ve gone past the point of not doing stuff

Despite the many doomsayers convinced that Comedown Machine would be the band last record it seems that really isn’t the case. The Strokes haven’t called it quits and it looks like they have been in a transition stage this year. I really do think they plan another record, whether it will be as early as next year I don’t know but seeing how Comedown Machine was pretty much a surprise I wouldn’t be too shocked if the end of 2014 saw the release of Strokes VI.

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Albert announces details of his solo EP

The EP will be out 8th October via Cult Records and is entitled AHJ. It will be available as a digital download and limited edition 10″ Tracklisting as follows;

1. Cooker Ship
2. Strange Tidings
3. Carnal Cruise
4. Rude Customer
5. St. Justice

Keep an eye on the Cult Records website, Facebook page and Twitter for further details.

Other news

Albert and Nick played at Dylan Fest in Dublin on 9th August and it looked like they had a great time.

[youtube pVNsMbraft0]

Gallery update

Added a whole lot of candid photos of the guys at various events this year

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