Albert Hammond, Jr talks candidly about drug addiction to the NME

Albert Hammond, Jr NME 2013In another interview with NME Albert Hammond, Jr openly discusses the full extent of his drug problem which sent him into rehab during the making of Angles.  Albert has previously spoken about his addiction issues to Spin Magazine in 2011 but he is even more frank in the NME interview.

Overall its an interesting read though Albert doesn’t say too much about the band he does say they are in a “great place”



You know I was a mess. I look back and don’t even recongise myself”

On why The Strokes didn’t do interviews for Comedown Machine

“We just made a decision to keep a {lid on it}. We thought it’d be cool to keep a quietness to it, to see what a record would do {if you could only} listen to it”


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