The Strokes NME February 2011 Interview ‘We’re Stronger Than Ever’

The Strokes Group PhotoThe first interview with all the band in this week’s NME, they paint a much more stable picture than previous interviews have and the band genuinely seem happy with Angles and more importantly each other right now.-

When their paths do cross Fab’s with Albert’s, Nick’s with Julian’s – there are big hugs, un-fakeable ear-to-ear gruns and plans to meet up later on “See you onstage in a couple of months! Julian grins to Nick as he leaves – a joke very much for the benefit of NME


OnĀ Machu Picchu

It all begins with a Moog crescendo that explodes into what Nikolai will describe as “our funkiest song yet”….There are as with all the songs a LOT of twists and turns


I honestly don’t care if people think we have troubles. We all get along great. Our friendships are more stable – Julian