Latest news and speculation regarding The Strokes 5th album

The Strokes Comedown MachineFurther news about the new album and forthcoming single has been trickling in.

As previously reported One Way Trigger may be the first song we have heard but it’s not the first single. Still expected to be All The Time it is due to be sent to radio stations on Feb 13 2013. Long term Strokes supporter and the man who usually gets the exclusive first play of a new single Zane Lowe mentioned in his show tonight that he will be playing it in two weeks time. It’s a little unclear if this will be 12 or 13 February but this will be confirmed nearer the time. He will also interview a member of the band. Zane’s involvement is a bit of a tradition now and he always manages to ramp up the excitement.

More speculation but looking very likely is that the fifth record may well be called Comedown Machine. Over at Reddit someone uncovered this image on the official site. Along with the potential album title is the running length of 37 minutes 49 seconds which seems like a standard Strokes album length (apart from FIOE) [Via The Strokes News]

Stroko V

Lets not forget what we do have right now and that is One Way Trigger. Albert confirmed on Twitter earlier this week that he co-wrote the song with Julian, whilst playing the synths, acoustic guitar and co-writing the lyrics. Albert has been busy. Thanks to everyone who has been contributing to working out the lyrics, Julian has now posted the official ones on his site and I have updated the previous post.

Expect further news and interviews to start happening soon with the band. It seems odd that it was only two years ago we went through this with Angles. I guess I got so used to the long wait between records I didn’t expect a fifth one so soon.