Lyrics – Not The Same Anymore

You’re not the same anymore
Don’t wanna play that game anymore
You make a better window than a door

Oh, the strangers they implore
It gets so easy to ignore
Just like the girl next door

Uncle’s house, it was noon
Sorry boy, I can’t employ ya
You are strange, but I like you
Sorry this is overdue
I promised I would do it right
Her and a boy on a Saturday night

And now the door slams shut
A child prisoner grows up
To seek his enemy’s throat cut

We’re on the way, fuel the jet
Can see that what he wants – he gets
What does your sworn enemy regret?

I didn’t know, I didn’t care
I don’t even understand

Did something wrong
I wasn’t sure
Stay on top of this, or else

I was afraid
I fucked up, yeah
I couldn’t change, it’s too late

And now it’s time to show up
Late again I can’t grow up
And now it’s on me they’ve given up

Uncle’s house, I forget
Violent tendencies I get
Your timing sucks
She went overboard
Don’t forget you are insured
I didn’t know
I wasn’t sure
Can’t remember all that well
I couldn’t change, was too late, yeah