Listen to The Strokes b-side Fast Animals

Comedown Machine CoverAs speculated previously Fast Animals is indeed a slighter faster version of album track Slow Animals.  Personally I prefer Slow Animals which is one of my favourite tracks of Comedown Machine.

Fast Animals is the b-side to the 7″ version of All The Time, released in the UK on April 1st – it is also a bonus track on the Japanese version of Comedown Machine. I don’t usually post officially released material but as I imagine this one will be hard to get hold of it MP3 form I will this time.

Thanks to fans over at The Strokes News for sharing.

  • Bastien

    With regard to the LP, I’m quite disappointed : this version has definitely no interest.

  • Drew Douglas

    Slow Animals is so much better. That has become one of favorite tracks on the album. Would say my top three are

    1. Tap Out
    2. Welcome to Japan
    3. Slow Animals

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  • like it

  • Liam

    As rubbish as the rest on the album. :/

  • Bhoy wonder

    Can u send me mp3 of this song?

  • Lee

    “you don’t have to lick my face”??

  • Comedown Machine is much better than Angles and FIOE, but not in the same league as Is This It or Room On Fire.

  • Liam your opinion is void and invalid! this is there second best album since is this it? easy…..

  • M.G.

    This Bside sucks! totally disappointed with the album… Go back in studio, please. I listen just 3-4 songs (Tap Out, All the Time, Welcome to Japan, Slow Animals). The last song “Call It fate,…” It’s a joke????

  • M.G.

    Not at all agree with you! FIOE and Angles are totally better than CM!

  • Lou

    Hey you can find a download for the MP3 in the post just under the stream 😀

  • Lou

    The last song is a thing of beauty!

  • it isn’t a b-side numbnuts… its a demo of slow animals.

  • M.G.

    Sorry, but they call it B-side… They just lie to us!

  • Squall

    Agree dude! Only 5 songs of Comedown Machine on my Ipod… what they did on this album?!

  • Nobu

    “Sorry, the file you requested is not available.”

  • Nobu

    Leave this website for losers like you don’t belong here. Thanks.

  • Lou

    Oh damn this should work

  • thanks!

  • strutter

    can someone post a link to the mp3 please?!

  • can someone PLEASE send me the Fast Animals? every file has been removed.. Thanks!

  • Damic

    “You don’t have to read my face” sounds more like it.

  • carlangaskan

    Can u email me the Song pls? 😀

  • SIRK

    Can someone please upload the song again? I really like this version more than Slow Animals. Thanks.

  • Jobin511

    Can you please send this to I can’t seem to find it anywhere.

  • Dean

    things that only true fans can understand about the strokes.

  • Fast Animal

    Could you please post up a new link i would greatly appreciate it if u can do it by today, thanks!!

  • Anomynous

    We are sorry, but the requested file was not found in our database!
    The file was deleted either by the uploader, inactivity or due to copyright claim.