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March 18, 2011
Shortlist and Spin interviews

There has been a load of new interviews with the band this week as the publicity machine for the new record kicks into gear. The two big ones have been with Shortlist magazine and Spin.

Click on the links for the full articles

Magazines : 2011 : Shortlist

Magazines: 2011: Spin Magazine

Other interviews round-up

Irish Times
Time Magazine
Time Out Chicago
Wall Street Journal

February 27, 2011
Observer Interview

Excellent interview with The Observer newspaper, you can read an online version here or check out the scans below

February 15, 2011
NME Interview ‘We’re Stronger Than Ever’

The first interview with all the band in this week’s NME, they paint a much more stable picture than previous interviews have and the band genuinely seem happy with Angles and more importantly each other right now.

I honestly don’t care if people think we have troubles. We all get along great. Our friendships are more stable – Julian

When their paths do cross Fab’s with Albert’s, Nick’s with Julian’s – there are big hugs, un-fakeable ear-to-ear gruns and plans to meet up later on “See you onstage in a couple of months! Julian grins to Nick as he leaves – a joke very much for the benefit of NME

Oh Machu Picchu

It all begins with a Moog crescendo that explodes into what Nikolai will describe as “our funkiest song yet”….There are as with all the songs a LOT of twists and turns

January 30, 2011

Gallery update

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Gallery update

I’ve been rescanning a lot of old magazine articles in a much better quality than they were before, more scans will be added in the next few weeks.

The following folders in the gallery have been updated

Bang Magazine 2003
Filter 2004
Guitar Player 2003
Guitarist 2004
Magnet 2004
Mojo 2003
NME 2002
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NME 2005
Q Magazine 2003
Q Magazine 2006
Rhythm Magazine 2003
Rolling Stone 2003
The Face 2002
The Observer
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