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April 28, 2011
Alone Together Fan Club Scans

Way back in 2002 the Strokes had an official fan club called Alone Together. It ran from 2002 to 2005. In Transit the much beloved DVD was part of the club as was various other goodies including the newsletters.

I’ve previously scanned some pages but now all 8 issues are up in the gallery.

Fan Club: Alone Together Newsletters

April 27, 2011

Blag Magazine

Posted by Lou
Blag Magazine

A long long time ago in a galaxy far far away Blag Magazine did an interview with Julian Casablancas.  Due to a million different reasons the interview which was conducted in December 2009 was only just shipped out earlier this month.

My copy arrived last week and I finally got around to scanning it.  Obviously its completely out of date by now but the photographs are pretty stunning and if you haven’t read it already its worth a look at.

Magazines : 2011 : Blag Magazine

April 27, 2011
Q Magazine Interview

Interview with Q Magazine (issue date June 2011). Have to say not one of my favourites from this year, think Q were deliberately creating drama to put a depressing spin on things. Hey that is the way the media works though – drama sells and the Strokes do have a tendency to say headline grabbing things, even if they later regret it.

Magazines : 2011 : Q Magazine (Click for full article)

April 27, 2011

Games on Conan

Posted by Lou
Games on Conan

The Strokes played Conan on last week, they performed Games, great seeing Albert on keyboards and I thought Fab was amazing on drums

Games on Conan Download

Screencaps > TV Performances > Conan > Games

April 22, 2011
The Strokes at Coachella Festival

The Strokes played Coachella on Sunday night and thankfully for those of us who couldn’t be there it was streamed live on You Tube (oddly in black and white like their recent Fallon performance). Julian was on top form in terms of banter and whilst the quality of the video aren’t that great you still get a feel for the hour long show

Set List

01 I Can’t Win
02 Hard To Explain
03 Under Cover Of Darkness
04 New York City Cops
05 Games
06 Someday
07 You’re So Right
08 The Modern Age
09 You Only Live Once
10 Taken For A Fool
11 Juicebox
12 Under Control
13 Gratisfaction
14 Reptilia
15 Last Nite
16 Take It Or Leave It

Live: Spring 2011: Coachella Festival Photos

Multimedia: Videos: Concerts: Coachella Festival

Multimedia: Audio: Concerts: Coachella Festival

April 12, 2011
Nick Valensi raises awareness for charity by singing

Nick Valensi has made a video in support of the DNA Foundation which is run by Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher and aims to eliminate child sex slavery and human trafficking.

The short video has Nick singing a song called Real Men Don’t Buy Girls.  It is simple but effective and a message that definitely needs to be spread

April 09, 2011
Guitar World Interview with Nick & Albert

Some of my favourite Strokes interviews have been when Nick and Albert talk to guitar magazines so I was excited to read their interview with this months Guitar World. Also included are the tabs for UCoD. Thanks to stuckintime10 over at Toxic Radio for the scans!

Magazines : 2011 : Guitar World

In case you have never read their previous interviews check out them out below

Guitar Magazine October 2001: All The Young Dudes
Guitar Player December 2003: Electric Warriors
Guitarist March 2004: This Is It

April 02, 2011
The Strokes at MSG, NYC

The Strokes played what sounded like an epic concert at Madison Square Garden. Not only was the set list amazing but Elvis Costello joined them for Taken For A Fool, Albert played keyboards on Games, they played songs like Ask Me Anything which I thought we might not hear again. Judging from the fan reports it was an amazing show worthy of such an legendary and massive venue.

Audio Downloads

These were taken from the Youtube videos they are not proper bootlegs but I figured I would share them for now and hope we get a high quality full show soon.

01. Is This It Live At MSG
02. Reptilia Live At MSG
03. Under Cover of Darkness Live At MSG
04. Hard To Explain Live At MSG
05. Last Nite Live At MSG
07. Juicebox Live At MSG
10. Under Control Live At MSG
11. You Only Live Once Live At MSG
12. NYCC Live At MSG
13. Games Live At MSG
14. What Ever Happened? Live At MSG
15. Taken For A Fool Live At MSG
16. Ask My Anything Live At MSG
17. The Modern Age Live At MSG
20. Take It Or Leave It Live At MSG


Below are some videos from the show, quality varies but they are overall pretty good


April 01, 2011

TV Performances

Posted by Lou
TV Performances

The Strokes graced our screen twice in the last week, on March 23rd that played Taken For A Fool on Letterman which definitely goes in my top 5 TV performances and on March 30th they went retro black and white whilst playing You’re So Right.

Taken For A Fool on David Letterman (March 23 2011)

You’re So Right on Jimmy Fallon (March 30 2011)


  • Taken For A Fool on Letterman (MP3)
  • Taken For A Fool on Letterman (Video)
  • You’re So Right on Jimmy Fallon (MP3)
  • You’re So Right on Jimmy Fallon (Video)

Screencaps: TV Performances: David Letterman: Taken For A Fool

Screencaps: TV Performances: Jimmy Fallon: You’re So Right

Next TV performance is Conan O’Brien on April 20

March 21, 2011
Angles is out now….and my review

Angles is now out in most countries or will be released in the next few days, if you haven’t already grabbed yourself a copy then do so now!

I’ve had mine since Saturday and below are my thoughts on the fourth in hopefully a long line of Strokes records.