They love you or they hate you
but they will never let you be.
They thrill you or sedate you
but they never let you see.

In the evening sun
In the evening sun

Encourage and derange you.
Watch you walking scared alone.
Despite intimidation…
Pleased to watch you dance alone.
In the evening sun.
In the evening sun

Go your separate way now.
Someday you’ll come back and I’ll be dreaming
I was sunburned.
I don’t want to break your heart.
Break your heart in two halves
Keep one half and give one half to me.
I like the summer-miss the summer.
Tell me, what’d you do? Nothing?
Me too…

Actors they’re pretending and singers they will sometimes lie.
Kids are always honest, they don’t think they’re ever gonna die.
You’re the prettiest smartest captain of the team.
I love you more being seventeen

In the evening sun.
In the evening sun.
In the evening sun.